Gdansk Airport Transfer


Gdansk is a beautiful city with a long and rich tradition. Gdansk Airport is the most important aviation center in northern Poland. Lech Walesa – the man who fought against communism, he founded a social movement „Solidarity” – is the patron of Gdansk airport. Gdansk is a good starting point for further travel to Scandinavia.

Transfer from Krakow to Gdansk is a long journey (590 km – about 8 hours).






We provide:

• English speaking driver

• no limit time

• transport to airport and pick-up from airport

• full cost of transport (parking cost, fee road, fuel)

• comfort, safety, punctuality

We don’t provide:

• tickets to historic sites, galleries, museums



Tours/Transfer name up to 4 persons 5 to 8 persons more persons
Gdansk Airport Transfer 380 € 420 € price to negotiate

Price is per car not per person.

Accepted money: Polish Zloty, Pound, Euro, Swedish - Danish - Norwegian Crown, Australian - American - Canadian Dollar.

It's a private transfer, a car with a driver is only for you.