About us

Our story is related to Krakow – both born and brought up in Krakow. In Krakow we finished school, here permanently live and work, this city is very important for us. The beginning of our joint cooperation – year 2009, when we worked for one of Krakow’s corporate taxi. Because we have similar passions and interests: travel, history, motorization, sport, we decided to work together.

Our cars

If you want to organize transfers and tours, you must have a good reliable cars. Our cars are comfortable, safe, well-equipped. We know good mechanics and car services. We are not afraid of long-distance trips, our cars are well maintained.

In 2011, we decided to buy and restore an old car. We chose the classic model of an old Volkswagen bus, this car is known, a good and well-liked. Almost one year, we renewed the bus and we gave him a new life.

Our historic Volkswagen T3 is probably the oldest working taxi in Krakow.